Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A few firsts...

A few fun "firsts" have happened at our house over the last week or so. The biggest one, Adalyn rolled over! She rolled over from her tummy to back about a week ago and I thought it must have just been "lucky" because she was barely 5 weeks old. Then she has continued to do it! No more tummy time for her cause she flips herself right on over. Avery did this at 8 weeks and I thought that was early! Hope this doesn't mean she will be an even more active toddler than Avery was/is. ;)

Tummy time! She's already working on pulling enough strength together to make her move:)

When she flips over she acts like, "wow! what just happened?!"

First bath together! Avery LOVED it! She loves having her little sis do things with her and it makes me so happy. Adalyn just loves bathes in general so she was happy chillin in the tub with her full belly:)

First walk as a family of four! (or five if you count Chloe:) We had a nice stroll down to the pond in our neighborhood to see the ducks. Adalyn passed out before we left the driveway and Avery desperately wanted her to wake up for the ducks, maybe next time. :)

In case you're wondering, yes Avery is wearing dress shoes for the walk. They are way too small and I told her they weren't made for going on walks to the pond. She insisted saying, "they're just too beautiful not to wear mom!" Oh the drama!
Looking forward to many more firsts with my baby girls!

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