Monday, September 19, 2011

Small Fry Soccer

Avery had her first day of "small fry soccer" on Saturday. She had been talking about playing soccer for a while and was so excited. She looked so cute and tiny in her little soccer shin guards. Cracked me up! She did well and I'm sure she will learn a lot. She was a little afraid of the coach at first, which if you know her, you know this is not like her to be afraid of much. He has a different accent and played a game involving giants which I think did her in. ha! He's seem like a great coach though and I admire him for trying to teach 3 year olds a sport! She will warm up I'm sure and love it. Right now she tells us she wants to play football and soccer when she gets bigger. We hope she sticks with soccer;)
action shot!
Daddy had to hold her some when she was scared :(

My little soccer player. This is her unsure face. ha!
Looking sweet with her Daddy

The two Averys' :)
The coach telling her something
Aves with her buddies :)

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