Tuesday, January 15, 2013

17 months

Sweet little sister is 17 months old! Can't believe she is almost 1.5 years. Time is flying! Adalyn has changed a lot the last few months. These are some of the new things she is doing:

Talking a lot more. Saying, Mama, Dada, Sis, no, bye, hi, hey, dog, shoes, socks, Santa. She asks for "sis" the second she wakes up. So precious!!
Points to anything related to Christmas and exclaims, "Santa!"
Waves to strangers a lot
Points to body parts when named 
Likes to look at books
Loves her "lovies" (blankets)
Likes to dance and shrug one shoulder. Hilarious!
Loves to be held and loves to cuddle
Sleeps through the night wakes up later and later like sister :)
Loves milk and still signs for it
Signs for "all done" when she is done eating or tired of doing anything 
Says "no" and shakes head when she doesn't want something. (Most things:))
Likes to wear bracelets and carry a purse
Plays with baby dolls
Obsessed with her shoes:)
Follows Avery all around the house
Loves bed time and tries to get into her crib herself when she's ready
Likes to try to put bows in her hair
Loves to sing and hum along to songs
Loves Minnie and Mickey
Steals my heart Every.Single.Day. But that's not new:)

Love you Adalyn! Happy 17 months precious girl!

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Wendy said...

Love that she thinks anything related to Christmas is Santa. My kids do the same thing. So cute! She is just adorable.