Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Christmas Morning 2012

We had a wonderful family Christmas at home. I love experiencing Christmas through my kid's eyes. So much magic and so precious. Luke and I had so much fun making it special for them. 

We did an Advent tree this year. All of our kids at church got ornaments and the verses and stories behind each ornament. Such a neat thing! Avery loved it and learned so much.

Avery spent a lot of time making gingerbread cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. She loves baking!

 My little cuties all ready for bed on our Christmas Eve!
 Avery was so excited to leave the cookies and milk for Santa. She made enough for each reindeer too.
 Santa came!! 
 They ran in giggling. So so precious.

 This little cutie was so excited about her new babies and grocery cart:)
 New rides!

 The main thing she asked Santa for, Cookie the dog:) She was SO excited

Those cheeks are too much for me!

 So excited to get her American Girl from mommy and daddy.

Our traditional birthday party for Jesus! Hope my girls always remember why we celebrate.

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Wendy said...

I love their little Christmas dresses! They are so adorable.