Friday, March 27, 2009

The Dallas World Aquarium

We took Avery to the Dallas World Aquarium and we had a blast! This was her first time to go any where like this. She loved it. She really likes animals, so we thought she would have fun. Plus they had sharks and Luke loved that. :) It was a great family fun day! WARNING: this post has a lot of pictures!

She didn't care too much about the sharks; I guess she takes after me on that one! 

Her favorites were the penguins and the flamingos. She loved watching them. It was so cute to see. She even got to pick her very own penguin from the gift shop to take home! We held up a flamingo and the penguin and she went for the penguin. :) It was such a fun day! We are already looking forward to taking her back when she is older.

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Stephanie said...

Were there some picture missing? There was a big gap between the text, just wondering. The carrier fits Luke nicely=)