Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Bunny

Avery and I met Luke for lunch at the mall this week and went to see the Easter Bunny. Avery wasn't sure what to think. She was excited at first and thought he was a really fun, huge stuffed animal. After I put her on his lap and stepped away to take pictures, she became a little nervous. Daddy picked her up before the tears began to flow. :) We then ate lunch together; it was a fun day! We are looking forward to Easter. I got sad thinking that this is her last "baby's first" holiday. My baby is growing up too fast! 

                                  starting to get a little upset
                                  with the bunny :)
                          I'm so in love with this sweet little face
                                                               Aves and Daddy
              Aves and Mommy
             (I hate this pic of me, but she looks so cute) 

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