Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sick Baby...

Poor little Avery is sick! :) She has a cold or some virus I think. She started feeling yucky on Tuesday and has gotten worse. It is so sad to see her sick. She has never really been sick before. I called her doctor and she says to keep her home unless her fever goes up and then to bring her in. So far, her temp. has stayed below 102. She cannot breathe through her nose, so it makes everything hard. She has been throwing up as well. Poor baby! We have had to drive around in the car to get her to sleep because she can breathe better sitting up in her seat. She has never had trouble getting to sleep; she loves her bed and always goes right to sleep at bedtime.We have elevated the head of her mattress, been using the humidifier, flushed her nose out with saline numerous times a day, and everything else I know to do. Needless to say, we are exhausted around here. No fun having a sick baby! She is still is so sweet despite feeling so bad. We can still get her to smile now and then and that makes me feel better. I'm just praying it doesn't turn into an ear infection or something worse. You would think that being a NICU nurse and taking care of sick little babies would prepare me for this, but nope, my little baby has a cold and I can hardly stand it. I guess that's just part of motherhood. :)

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