Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Day With Avery..

In one of the blogs I like to read, Kelly's Korner, she posted a blog on what she did all day with her baby. I thought it was a cute idea and a great thing to record so that Avery and I can look back and remember it one day. Plus, Luke always asks what we did all day and I like to ramble on and tell him every detail. So now you get to her me ramble on about our day. :) 
Today was a pretty typical day for me and Aves...
Woke up at 9:20, nursed and then we played in the living room with her toys while I surfed the net a little while battling to keep her from the laptop. 
10:00- oatmeal with peaches for Avery and cereal for me. Get cleaned up and then Praise Baby DVD while Avery jumps in her Baby Einstein jumperoo. She has a blowout(which she does every am in her jumper in case you wondered) we clean up and she goes down for her morning nap at 11:00.
While she naps, I shower and then run around trying to fold and put away laundry, pick up the house and unload and reload the dishwasher. I then sit down to watch a DVR'd show. Scratch that, she is awake at 12:20. She nurses and we rock a while and read a few books.
Then she works on crawling all over the house and showing me what I need to babyproof. 
Lunch time at 12:45, butternut squash and corn mix, a sliced up pear, and some good old Cherrios. 
Then we get dressed for the day and head off to run some errands. Stop by the bank, return a blockbuster, and run in Target(shocking I know) to browse. No, we did not buy anything, just looked at some patio furniture I want and some fun water toys to get Avery for the pool.
Get home, feed Avery a bottle and put her down for a nap at 2:45.  I get on the internet, check email and blogstalk a little, then try to put away some laundry and make a snack. Turn on Dr. Phil and take a little break. 
Not for long, little princess is up at 3:45. She nurses and we play in her room while she "helps" me put away some laundry. We do patty cake about 5 times in a row. (she is learning to clap along with it and it is so cute) 
The door bells rings, I fight to keep Chief from attacking the door and we look through the peep hole to see the Fed Ex man. I get a package; my necklace that I got a gift card to pick out for Mother's Day. Yay! Avery is excited and wants to eat it and the box. 
Then we decide to take a walk around the neighborhood at 4:30. We walk and go check out the neighborhood pool that I cannot wait to take her to. We head home at 5:00 and wait for daddy to get home. Avery plays with Chloe and follows behind me into every room I go in. She laughs every time I turn around and say "caught you!"
Daddy gets home at 6:00 (usually he gets home a little earlier than this) and he and Avery have some fun play time. I decide to make fajitas for dinner and get started on that. 
At 6:30 we eat dinner. Avery eats loads of avocados(this girl would eat two whole ones every night if I let her) and some applesauce and peas. 
At 7:00 Daddy baths Avery while I clean up. At 7:30, she nurses and I lay her down after getting about 20 kisses and snuggles in. 
Daddy and I get to sit down on the couch, watch a little TV, and he will ask what I did all day. I will tell him all the above plus even more details which he is dying to hear I know. :) 
Then its off to bed and we start all over again tomorrow. Can't wait to see her in the morning. (I'll be seeing her sooner rather than later when she wakes to eat) I really think I'll miss when we don't get to cuddle in the night time to eat. Although I'm sure I'll enjoy the extra sleep!  
So now you know what we were up to today(if you're still reading at this point!)

 My new necklace from Luke and Avery. It has an  "A" engraved for Avery of course, and her birthstone, peridot (green). Also a fun little dangle jewel charm. I love it! 


April Jackson said...

I love your necklace! You will have to let chris know about that gift for a future gift for me:) Have a good day!

Stephanie said...

Sounds a lot like my day=)