Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doctor's Appt. and Sweet Friends...

Avery had her 9 month well check yesterday. I can't believe the next one is at one year. She can't be this old! She did well, however for some reason she was terrified of being weighed. It starts early for girls I guess. :) She has been weighed every time on the same kind of scale and has smiled for the camera. Not this time. I think she was more afraid of the new nurse she had not seen before and didn't like that she had been taken away from me to be sat on the scale. We got the best weight we could...16 pounds and 7 oz. She was 27.5 in. She is now in the 13th percentile for weight and the 70% for length. She is just a petite little thing. Since she has learned to move around the house so well and pull herself up to stand now, she is burning a lot more calories I guess. She checked out perfectly healthy! We have been so blessed to have such a healthy baby. She had to get a routine blood test done to check her lead and iron levels. It was a finger stick and Daddy said he would hold her for it. It was not too much fun for either of them, but I really think Luke had a harder time. He looked like he wanted to cry and kill someone in the same expression! She did well, cried but not as bad as she did over the scale. Go figure!
Then later that afternoon, Avery's sweet little friend Eden came over to play. Her mommy and daddy, Leslie and Jonathan, went to the movies for their anniversary. The girls had a great time. Eden is such a sweet little girl and such an easy baby. She would just sit calmly while Avery did circles around her and wore her out I think. :) They played and played and watched Praise Baby. I'm glad Avery already has sweet friends to grow up with. 

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Stephanie said...

her face in that first pic was so sad ... you look like you are ready for another one in that last pic=)~