Monday, May 4, 2009

My Big Girl

Avery is growing and changing so fast! I can't believe it. She has started being able to stand and hold on to her toy table (thanks for letting us borrow it Avery Kate!) and the couch. She can also pull up to stand in her crib which is hilarious to see when you walk into her room...two little eyes peeking over the side. :) I guess she'll be cruising in no time. She still has not completely  figured out how to crawl the right way, but she can get across a room fast. She scoots and army crawls on her elbows, but lately she has been up on her hands and knees and rocking, she hasn't figured out that she can take off yet. When she does, I'm in trouble! This girl is into to everything; she never sits still!  She is tons of fun though and I am enjoying every single second of watching her grow and learn something new. 


April Jackson said...

I'm glad that she is enjoying the Leap Frog table! Let me know when you need Avery Kate to come back over and help you house proof for Avery!

Stephanie said...

I know all those feelings ... right there with ya=)