Thursday, May 28, 2009

MLB Game

Last night we went to Avery's( and my) first MLB baseball game. The Rangers were playing the NY Yankees. It was a lot of fun; we went with some of our friends. Sadly, the Rangers lost. Luke, embarrassing but true, is a Yankees fan. His favorite football teams are the Cowboys and Longhorns so that saves him I guess. :) I felt like I had to root for both teams last night. We let Avery make her own choice. She got scared and cried when we first got there because the first Yankee player got up to bat and the whole crowd booed really loud. Luke claims she did not appreciate them booing her daddy's team. (Yeah right!) 
We had to walk like 2 miles from our car! Luckily, Luke carried Aves in the Baby Bjorn so I didn't have to. 

She starting getting so sleepy, but of course would not fall asleep b/c she was afraid to miss a thing. She is very nosy and had to check out everyone that walked by.


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Natasha said...

How fun! I remember taking Madison to see the Rangers vs. Mariner's when she was a few months old!