Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 and half years!

Sweet Avery,
You're two and half! Valentine's Day is such a fun day to have a half birthday! Of course, I sat you in the pink chair with Bear for your pics. When I compare them all over these last 2.5 years, I just beam and cry. You are such a beautiful baby girl and you are growing so fast I can hardly take it. :) In the spirit of Feb. 14 and my baby girl turning 2.5 on LOVE day, I decided to write down 14 things I LOVE about you as a 2 and a half year old. Limiting it to 14 is so hard...

1.You are my first born and greatest experiment. You are very forgiving and tough.:)
2.You are fiercely independent and confident.You can do anything by yourself in your opinion:)
3. You're a cuddle bug. As busy as you are, you love to grab me and say " let's go cuddle mommy". LOVE that!
4. You're completely fearless. Things most every kid is afraid of, you are not. In fact, can't think of one thing that makes you timid. Cracks me up!
5. You're sensitive and you are really concerned when someone is sad. Your MDO teachers say you are a little concerned momma when someone is sad or in trouble at school.
6.You are FULL of spunk and super feisty! You
wear me out most days but I love it.
7. You are the perfect companion for a shopping day at Target or Hobby Lobby and you'll get excited about a sale with me!
8.You're super silly and love to have dance parties with mommy and daddy. You really have some pretty good moves!
9. You love to read and love to "read" books to yourself.
10. You are the friendliest person I know; you get this from your daddy. We cannot go anywhere without you saying hi to every one you see. Yesterday while checking out at the store you held a little conversation with the check out lady that went like this: "Hi lady!! What doing? I wike your hair! See my pink shoes, they pretty. I tt in the potty wike a big girl at Target." As we are leaving you say, "Bye lady! Have good day!"
11. You still want to be rocked like a baby at bed time and sang to. It's one of my most favorite times with you.
12.You get excited about the smallest things. A walk to check the mail, a kiss from Chloe, a piece of candy can all make you giddy.
13. You tell me "baby Jesus" is your friend and you "wike" him. Makes me so proud!
14. You're my baby and no matter what you liked or what your personality, I would still be crazy in love with you!
Happy 2 and half years Avery!! They have been the best of my life.

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