Friday, February 25, 2011


Baby #2 is growing and so am I! I feel so bad because this is first prego pic I have taken. :) With Avery I took a ton and counted the days. This time I can barely remember how many weeks I am when someone asks. I know I look about 30 weeks but I'm 16 weeks along now. :) I think I really looked about the same with Avery at 28-30wk, ha! Oh well, that's what they say happens the second time around! I am feeling great now and hoping my placenta moves on up so I don't have placenta previa the whole pregnancy and have to deal with the effects of that. I am so thankful for this little one and I'm already SO in love. I felt he or she move about a week and half ago! The tiniest little flutters, so sweet! I think Avery kinda gets it but she has no idea what a sibling will mean for her:) I showed her pictures from when I was pregnant with her and when she was a newborn the other day. She said, "oh, baby Avery is so cute!" She only calls the baby "sister" so we will see very soon if she is right. Can't wait!
4 months!

My little love. In almost every ultrasound picture we got of Avery, she buried her face in her hands just like this. So sweet!


Kara Graves said...

you are absolutely adorable!

Amber Green said...

i agree, you look adorable! sorry about the placenta stuff, that stinks. i'm keeping you in my prayers :) love you, amber

Keri said...

you're so gorgeous! i love that dress. i hope you feel as great as you look girl.

Stephanie said...

You look great! I am so excited for you guys! You will have to rename your blog now;)