Tuesday, February 8, 2011


You'd think I would have had all the time in the world to blog since we were snowed in for four days:) We were too busy trying to keep Avery entertained and Momma from going crazy! Poor thing actually asked to go to Target at least twice over those four days! Sad, because it shows how much we go. ;) We played with playdough till we couldn't stand it anymore, read a million books and watched a million movies and the list goes on. It was so nice to finally get out and go somewhere by the end of the week. Avery was giddy about school today and ran into the class and said "my friends!!". Girl is not a homebody! On Thursday we got more snow and it was actually the fluffy nice kind to play in so we enjoyed it for a little while. We are supposed to get more snow here tomorrow. I am so ready for Summer! I'll take 100 degrees over 20 any day! (you'll have to remind me I said this when I'm huge and having heat strokes this summer;))

On Saturday, Laura and Blaine came to visit! They brought my new "nephew" Cooper with them. Avery was in total Heaven with them here. She loves Copper! They were best buds. We were picking out Valentine's Day cards for her friends and she insisted we need one to send to Copper as well. :) We went out to eat at The Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine and had a lot of fun. Avery loved all the animals in the resturant.

Silly girl making faces at the monkey!

They were so sweet together I actually thought about getting a puppy and then remembered I'm having a baby in August. I quickly changed my mind!

Seriously, the cutest thing EVER
Avery wanted to sleep in Copper's bed with him :)

When you play with Avery, you have to dress up. Poor Cooper!

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Kara Graves said...

Avery is just so cute, I love reading about all your adventures. And don't worry, Lucas already says "shop" when we drive past a Target. Oops ;)