Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun with the Averys'

Avery had her friend, Avery Kate, over to play while her mommy and daddy had plans. They had a great time playing together. These girls are so cute together! They are both so petite and dainty, I love it! It did get a little confusing for both of them when I would say "Avery no no" or "Avery, come here". They both looked at me like I was silly. Poor things. We try to stick to Avery and Avery Kate, Ave and Aves, or little Avery and Avery...still a little confusing but they will learn. I took a few pics of these little cuties tonight.
Reading lots of books

Stuffing their faces with spaghetti, yum!
Playing with all the tupperware= fun times
Rub-a-dub! They still had spaghetti faces in the pic
"reading" to each other
Avery Kate loves little Avery's car. She was ready to go with her blanket and dog in the car. :)
All clean and smelling so sweet!
Sweet friends


chris said...

Thanks for watching Avery Kate for us last night! We owe you guys!!

Stephanie said...

Hey, where did you get that thing around the tub?

Lindsay Norsworthy said...

Steph- They have them at toys r us. I found that one cheap at TJ max though.