Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our last day with an 11 month old...

We had a fun day with Avery today. I couldn't help but think this was her last day as an 11 month old! Several people when we were out would say, "she is so cute, how old is she?" I told every one that she was 11 months. Even though she'll be a year tomorrow, I'm still not ready to say that. Ha! It sounds too big. :) We went to the doctor this morning mainly to get her ears checked. She had been pulling on one ear for a few days with no fever or fussing. She is rarely fussy and with her last and only ear infection she wasn't fussy. I wasn't sure so we took her in to make sure she didn't need any medicine before her party weekend. She is fine, no ear infection thank goodness. She weighed in at a whopping 17lb and 4 oz! This is a 10 oz gain since her last appt., yay! She is so tiny so I'm always happy to see her gaining weight. They didn't do any other measurements this time. She was good, but afraid she was going to get a shot so she cried every time the nurse walked in, poor thing. Then we went to lunch at the Southlake Town Square and walked around a few stores. Avery enjoyed the stroller ride and people watching. After her nap we took her to our friend's house from church. They live in the country and have all sorts of animals. She was especially interested in the puppies and horses. She was so excited to see them, it was fun to watch her light up. It was a good day! This weekend is the big princess birthday party in Austin with all the family! I can't wait. I have been working hard on all the decorations. She is having another party with her friends in Denton the following weekend. Let the celebrating begin!!

She was saying "please pick me up and get me out of here before they pull the needles out. :)
Love the scrunched up nose grin
Sweet girl entertaining herself with the tongue blade. 

She loved the horses and was fearless with them. She wanted to climb on it soo bad. I was too afraid to even let her pet it too much let alone get on it! She laughed and clapped when all the horses would run; it was too cute.
She was in heaven with the puppies. This girl loves animals!

Made me want to get another puppy cause she loves them so much. Then I though for a second and said no way! :)


April Jackson said...

Avery I can't believe that you will be 1 tomorrow! Have a fun birthday party and we can't wait to celebrate with you here!

Tiffany said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your last day with an 11 month old! And I am REALLY glad you didn't get another dog!!! Hope the party goes great!

April Jackson said...

I like the camo outfit!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE AVES!!!!!

Stephanie said...

We have puppies! You should get her one:)