Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Busy little, almost one year old

Avery is growing up too fast! I can't believe in two weeks she will be one! It makes me sad, but excited too. She is into everything and is everywhere as usual. She is communicating a lot more now and actually calls me momma instead of just saying it all day long. She is signing for milk, eat and all done. It is so cute. I love this little girl to pieces!!
Here she is eating a PB&J for the first time...verdict is

She loved it!
She also loves it when daddy shares his smoothie with her...

and playing with the dogs through the back door. :)
We went to our friends house the other day(April and Avery Kate) and the girls thought it was tons of fun to play in the huge dog kennel. I promise we didn't put them in there!
She loved Avery Kate's toys. Especially the dolls and doll stroller.
Avery Kate was sweet and let us borrow some new toys that she doesn't play with anymore. This one in the picture Avery has loved the last few days and a walker too. (more to come on fun with the walker. Avery is working on a post about that ;) )

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