Friday, August 7, 2009

One year ago a week from today...

One year ago today, we were so excited that we were going to meet you. We were all ready, our bags packed, our house spotless and your little bed all ready for you. This picture was the night before we met you.

Bright and early we went to the hospital to be induced. We were so excited we could hardly stand it. 

Love at first sight! You were born that afternoon and we were overjoyed.

So tiny and perfect... you had your daddy wrapped around your little finger from the start.

I'll never forget that sweet little face and how you just stared and studied our faces.

Needless to say, we were so in love with you.

My dream come true, you were finally in my arms and I was a mommy!

And we thought we loved you then...


JENNY said...

what a sweet post!

Stephanie said...

Brought a tear to my eyes, it shouldn't go by so fast:)

Amy said...

What a sweet blog. It made me tear up. Babies are amazing, huh?