Monday, March 22, 2010

Catch up post!

Realized I haven't blogged in over a week, the grandparents are getting anxious. ;) We had a great spring break, although Luke didn't have any work off, we still took time and had two date nights while Avery stayed with Mimi and Papa for two nights. She loved it and came home even more spoiled! We enjoyed sleeping in, going out to eat, movies, and working in the yard. Avery also went to her first movie in the theatre with Mimi and Papa; she enjoyed it and almost lasted the whole time in her seat. We got Aves a new slide for the backyard while she was gone. She really loves it! It took Luke 2 hours to put together so I was hoping she would. :) We had been enjoying the nice weather until Saturday when it snowed several inches! What in the world?! Of course Avery woke up, saw it and declared "Santa!" She cracks me up! Avery turned 19 months on the 14th. I can't believe that! Where did my baby go?? She is changing every day. I hear "what's dat?" at least 100 times a day, it precious, but good thing I adore this girl! She wants to know what every thing is and wants to tell every one in the store hi and bye. She is very social! She's learning new words every day and it amazes me. Her favorite things right now are bubbles(0h my, she's crazy for bubbles), Dora, craft time(we do this every day now and she loves using stickers and coloring) being outside, and going on walks with Chloe. We are enjoying every new stage and are crazy in love with this girl!!
Us before we went out on spring break
pretty flowers I got on date night :)
Few things I love more than watching my baby sleep! Precious! She has been sleeping soo late! Today I woke up before her at 9:30! She goes to bed before 8 too. Crazy girl! I'm not complaining, I love it! I need to enjoy it, I'm sure our next child will get up at 5 every day. I'm sure you can't get that lucky twice. :)
Feeding the ducks on our walk with Chloe and Daddy

I caught her trying to get out the door with Chloe the other day. She had gotten the leash out of the pantry and was headed out with Chloe! Good thing we keep it deadbolted! I feel sure they both would have been down the street in no time!
Enjoying the new school bus slide inside while it snowed. It's been kinda nice having it in the living room, she will play on it for hours while I cook/clean. Maybe it's not an outside toy, though it takes up almost the whole floor space in the LV. ;)

Have a great week!!


Stephanie said...

I would like to hear more about what you do to entertain miss Avery during the day ... I run out of ideas. We really need to buy her a slide or some kind of play thing.

Lindsay Norsworthy said...

Avery is a busy girl! I keep her entertained (and myself sane :) by taking her to the park a lot, arts and crafts time we just started(mostly coloring, stickers, play dough, finger paints etc.) she loves Dora, the slide is a huge hit and I got it at Toys r Us for a good deal, she also has a kitchen that she likes to play with a lot.I just started flash cards too; I do them with her while she is in her high chair or the bath tub so she can't run off. They are a great way to help practice saying words and it's a fun activity to do. They're called "first words" flashcards and I got mine at walmart.She goes to The Little Gym every week too and this has been great for her, she really looks forward to it. Not sure if they have that there or not. I usaully go on an outing once a day too even if it is just to Sonic or to walk around Target. I have to get out of the house and she loves to go out! Being a SAHM is so fun, but I know how you feel, the day is soo long and you run out of things to do! At least you have the beach :) I really wish we could have play dates with the girls! Email me if you want more details...miss you!!