Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Gym star and a visit from aunt Laura

Avery is still loving the Little Gym. She gets so excited when it is time to go. She is doing so well and her teacher says she is going to remember her name and look for her at the Olympics one day. Ha! I doubt that, but it does come very naturally to her so maybe it will be something she likes when she grows up. It's fun for now anyway. Here are some pics from yesterday.
So excited running out the front door for little gym! She knows where she is going when we say it's time for gym and she gets SO excited. :)
Her fav, the high bars
She is the only kid in her class that can hang from the bar without support and swing her legs. So proud! (it helps that she weighs nothing:) )
Perfect landing! It scares me a little that she falls from that high but she is so proud of herself.
practicing her balance skills

My sis came to visit last weekend and we had a great weekend filled with pedicures, lots of shopping, going out to eat, and playing with Aves. It was so much fun! We love you Aunt Laura!!
My two favorite girls :)
Of course she came bearing gifts!
Avery had so much fun; Aunt Laura does every thing she wants ;)


amy said...

HOW fun!! If only I had TWO extra hands- 2 for each child, I'd love to join yall in that class! I think Reese would love it. Riley's getting closer to walking... maybe once she is, I'll be brave and enroll them. Avery is adorable- love her perfect landing and proud face!

Lindsay Norsworthy said...

That would be fun! I can't imagine chasing two Averys' around. :) Maybe when they get a little older it will be easier. Next enrollment is Sept. I think!

The Hammetts said...

What a big girl!!!! Who knows...she may make it all the way! She does have some advantage with her size and I am sure her daddy would help her with her work outs.

And of course Aunt Laura brought gifts...thats what Aunts do!