Saturday, March 27, 2010

Egg Hunt!

Venture partnered with the City of Corinth Easter Egg Hunt this year and it was a lot of fun! We helped with bringing and hiding eggs, bounce houses, and we also served free lemonade in neat plastic cups with our name on them. It was a great way for our church to get involved in the community.
The best part of the day for me, was seeing Avery have so much fun hunting eggs and her mild obsession with the Easter bunny. OK, it was pretty extreme. I really thought she would be afraid of him like all the other hundreds of kids her age there. Oh no, she could not get enough of him! She chased him down the whole morning and couldn't get enough hugs! It was pretty sweet, he told her he liked her too. :) She would dance with him and it cracked me up. She's a hoot! We are getting excited about Easter next weekend! I promise we do try to teach our child the real meaning of the holiday, she is just fascinated with the bunny. :)
Sweet friends!
She loves her Casen! He looks like he's playing hard to get here, but he is in love too ;)
Hunting eggs!

This sums up the day...Avery headed toward the bunny
showing her dance moves to the bunny :)

We of course needed to show him where his eyes, nose, and mouth are. Ha!

She was telling him all kinds of things, who knows what?!
So sweet!


Leah J. said...

How FUN! I love the pic of C and Avery ... I'm shocked he is leaning away and not leaning in to kiss his Avery Baby! Sad I missed it! Precious, precious pics!!

Stephanie said...

Loved the video of her dancing with the bunny, too cute!