Saturday, March 6, 2010

Girl Time

Poor little Chloe has been so depressed since Chief has been gone. It makes me sad. She goes outside and sits on the porch and cries, tears things up when we leave the house(nothing important thankfully), and just wanders around like she is looking for him. Depressing, I know. So, Avery and I have been giving her lots of special attention during the day. She likes to follow Avery around every where. Avery decided yesterday that she wanted Chloe to wear a shirt and necklace. Avery is obsessed with wearing my shoes and jewelry too. It cracks me up. She actually walks in heels pretty well. Not sure how much fun poor Chloe had, but Avery thought it was great!

this face cracks me up, haven't seen it before. I guess she was really excited
Chloe tolerated the crown for a while :)

She kept wanting to show Chloe what was in her purse and wanted Chloe to wear it too. Funny girl!

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Stephanie said...

I didn't know Cheif was gone. Sorry to hear that. Chipper ran away and was gone 4 nights back in Dec and Paisley seemed a little loss too. Avery is too cute with her!