Saturday, March 27, 2010


We have been working hard on teaching Avery to say please and thank you. She has been doing really well! The other day we were in Walmart together and we walked past the baby clothes. She spotted some PJ's with Dora on them.She doesn't have any clothes with Dora or any character for that matter on them bc I'm not the biggest fan of those clothes usually. She went crazy pointing and reaching for them so I put them in her lap and we pointed to Dora and Boots and the backpack, she was amazed that Dora was on a shirt! She typically wants to see things in the store and then we tell them "bye bye" and she never gets upset when we put them back. Not this time. I said "Tell the Dora PJ's bye bye". She said, "No." I hung them back up. Then she proceeds to say in the sweetest voice ever" Pleeeease". Sounds a little more like "Chleeeease" but you get the point. She continues to say please over and over again, not in a whining way, but the with sweetest tone. After about the 10th please her tone was getting louder, I caved. I know, I know fabulous parenting, but I couldn't resist the adorableness of that please.

Needless to say, she wants the Dora PJ's on ALL the time. I have to hide them when they are dirty.

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