Saturday, October 8, 2011

2 Months Old...

My little baby is two months old already! Wow, this is going fast. I just want to bottle her up and keep her this little for a long time.:) She is so much fun at this age!

Sweet Adalyn,
You have been here for two months now and I can't even imagine life without you. You are such a joy! You really are such an easy baby. You rarely cry and just are so content. The other day I realized you hadn't cried in almost two days! It kinda scared me so I had to check you out real well to make sure you were still okay.:) You love to watch your sister and listen to her squeal and laugh. You smile at us now and it melts me! You will have the biggest grin when someone talks to you and makes eye contact. Daddy can really make you smile big. Your big dark blue eyes are so pretty and I could stare at your adorable little face all day. You are on a pretty good schedule now and sleeping well. You go to bed around 9pm and usually wake at 2am, 5 and 8-9am. The last few nights you have dropped the 2am feeding but I am too scared to jinx myself and say you are sleeping through the night! Your sister never did that this early so I am prepared for many more nights waking often. I actually love this time with you, it's so sweet and special, just you and me. You're a cuddle bug and really love to be held. If I hold you all day you're super happy. You do love your swing and bouncy seat though. You have started taking little naps in your big girl crib and really love your rainforest sound machine just like your big sis did. Avery loves to see you watch it and she is so proud that she is sharing it with you. :)
I love you and your big sister more than anything. I think I could try my whole life to put it into words and never find the words to describe how deeply I love you. Happy 2 months Addy girl!! Momma loves you to the moon and back!

Here are Adalyn and Avery at the same age. I don't think they much alike here. Avery looks a lot more like her daddy than Adalyn does. Can't believe the two cutest things I have ever laid eyes on came from me and Luke. :)

Update after her 2 month well check: Adalyn weighed 11lb. 10oz and was 22.75 in. long. This put her in the 55% for length and weight. Her head measured 15.5in. and that put her in the 80%. She checked out fine, super healthy girl!

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