Thursday, October 13, 2011

Preschool Pumpkin Patch

Avery had her annual pumpkin patch day at preschool today. It was a fun day with friends! Daddy agreed to watch Adalyn so mommy and Avery could have a fun few hours together. I love one on one time with my girl. It was sweet though that Avery asked numerous times where her sister was and why she didn't come. :) Looking forward to taking my two little punkins to the patch together soon with daddy!

These are Avery's besties at school. Wes has been her best friend since the first day of school last year. She just loves him despite how daddy tries to discourage relationships with boys;) Avery Kate is in her class this year and she is so happy about it. They do everything together and Avery tells me she misses her 5 minutes after we leave school each time. So sweet that these two have been such good friends since Aves was only 4 months old!

enjoying the hayride

picking her pumpkin to take home

And just because I can't not put a picture of this little cutie!

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