Friday, August 9, 2013

A day for Adalyn

We had a great day as a family celebrating sweet Addy! We started off with some Minnie Mouse pancakes and sang to her. 

She was not thrilled that we put candles in her food and refused to have anything to do with that:)

Once they were gone, she was excited to chow down! Don't mess with the girl's food;)

Avery and I dressed her up and took some cute pics. She ran around saying "I two!!" Melt me.

 We played at the park all afternoon and then went to one of her favorites for dinner. Chiptole. We let her choose where we went for dinner and she wanted rice and beans. Girl loves her some quacamole too. Forget the chips, she prefers to eat it with a spoon:)
 Next stop was ice cream or "ice key" as she calls it. 
 We then headed home and she opened a few gifts from us. It was such a special day celebrating our precious girl. Couldn't be more blessed by this baby. We love you Adalyn! 

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