Friday, August 23, 2013

Meet the Teacher

The girls had meet the teacher day at preschool/MDO. Avery was so excited to start another year and Adalyn was excited because big sister was. The looked so cute in their matching skirts:)

Avery is in the blue stars class this year and has Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Michelle. She already knew several kids from last year. She could hardly wait to get into her room. 

Adalyn is in the Ducks class at Mother's Day Out. The same class where Avery started. She was so cute walking in and checking everything out. She actually was much less timid than I thought. I think it helps so much that Avery is there and excited about school. Her teachers are Mrs. Laura and Ms. Meagan

Loved the "waddle in" sign for the little 2 year old duckies:)

My big girl. I have mixed emotions about her going to school two days a week. I was super teary! I had decided that if she didn't like it, we'd wait till next year. I hoped she would! She wants to do everything like Avery and she seemed very proud to have her own classroom. Her teachers are super sweet and she only has 7 kids in her class so they gets lots of attention I'm sure!

The girls checking out Adalyn's room

Playing in Avery's classroom

Of course Avery found the dress up section and felt right at home:)

It's going to be a great year I can already tell!

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