Monday, August 5, 2013

The Month of July

Started the month of with more swim lessons! This time just private swim lessons for Avery. She did great and swam across the pool all on her own for the first time. She's so tiny she doesn't the strength to swim in the deep end for too long without help but she has come a long way from the start of summer!

The 4th was a lot of fun! The girls had a blast  seeing the fireworks. Denton put on a great show at the new stadium at UNT. We got dinner and hung out in the back of Luke's truck. Perfect!

We took the girls for a day to see my grandparents in Houston. We hadn't seen them since Christmas so it was a great visit. The girls love riding in the wheel barrow:)

 Avery loves their cat. Lovie is a sweet boy for sure. 
 Sweet picture with Papaw!
 Avery thinks her older cousin Elise is super cool. They had fun together.

Our friends the Jacksons came to visit for a few days. Avery and Avery Kate love each other so much and it warms my heart when they can be together. They had a slumber party at our house one night and it was constant giggles and princess talk. Loved it!
 sweet friends
Can't believe August is already here! My favorite month. My girls birthday month. How can they be 5 and two?!

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