Thursday, August 29, 2013

Doctor's Appointments

Well checks for the birthday girls! Both checked out super healthy and I am beyond grateful. 

Avery barley tipped the scale at 31lb. Dainty little thing! I think she'll be in a car seat till 5 grade;) She was in the 4% for weight at 11% for height.
Adalyn does NOT love the doctor's office. She likes the actual doctor thankfully but hates everything and every one else there:) Poor baby, she just remembers the shots I guess. She is also a tiny, tiny little thing. Weighed in at 21 lb and in the 8% for weight and 40% for length.

We had to take a selfie because she refused to sit on the table or leave my lap at all for that matter 

Sweet girls played ring around the rosies while we waited

Dr. Adams checking out the girls. To say we love our pediatrician would be an understatement. She's wonderful  and so sweet and the girls love her. 

She let Avery give her a check up too:)

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