Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FIVE year old!

Sweet Avery,
Can hardly believe you're five! It just sounds so big. You really are such a big girl now. Makes me beam with pride and cry at the same time. You are changing every day and I only hope I can cherish every second. You are sweet, sensitive, spunky, smart, funny, gentle and kind. You are the best big sister ever. I sometimes cannot believe how sweet and helpful you are. You are always teaching Adalyn something and letting her tag along in whatever you do. She can hit you, steal your toys and make you cry but you've never reacted or given her what she sometimes deserves. Says a lot about how sensitive and sweet you are! You are always concerned about people or animals who are sad or hurt. Love that about you. You are my helper and never complain when I need you to help. You love to help me clean, cook, put away laundry, and you can even dress Adalyn on your own now.:) You love to learn and you are "writing books" all the time now. You can spell lots of words and just love to write and play school. You know all your letters and the sounds they make. You are so close to reading! You draw me pictures every day and love to give gifts and surprise people.  Some of your favorite things to do are: playing outside, swimming, dancing and putting on shows for us, shopping with mommy for just about anything, playing teacher and nurse, anything to do with your American Girl doll, racing, gymnastics, playing learning games on your Ipad, coloring and cuddling.  Some of your favorite foods and interests are: spaghetti, chicken, peaches, raspberries, Chic Fil a, "Subway Eat Fresh" as you call it:),  Olive Garden, dogs, reading books, Angelina Ballerina & Sofia the First on TV. I just adore every single little thing about you and cannot believe what a sweet and good kid you are. You make my job so easy! Five years ago my life changed forever and I have never been more happy! I love you to the moon and back sweet girl! So honored God gave me you.

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