Thursday, August 8, 2013

TWO year old!

My baby girl turns 2 today! Where in the world has the time gone? It's gone super fast, but has been so very wonderful too. Adalyn, you light up my life every single day. I love you so much it hurts! Can't believe 2 years ago today I was getting ready to meet you. Walking through Target with your big sister and breathing through contractions around this time. I was determined to get everything ready before you came! You came fast and furiously and it was by far the hardest, most painful day of my life. Also one of the most joyful and special times of my life. I'd do it a million more times for you! Been madly in love with you from the second they put you in my arms that sweet day. 
Here are some things you are up to now that you're growing so big:

-You have really started to talk and will repeat any word we ask you to. You also say little sentences like, "I go bye bye" "Let's go mommy!' "I be nice to sissy" "I sorry" "Daddy's home!" "Wait for me!"

- You imitate every little thing your sister does. It's precious. You love to color with her, play babies, play outside, dress up and play in your kitchen. 

-You love to give hugs and kisses and started saying "love you" back to us

-You are learning colors and love to point out pink, yellow and purple so far. 

-You are a great eater and usually out eat your big sis:) Your favorite foods are spaghetti, turkey burgers, green beans, peaches, apples, chicken, banana pancakes and anything with ketchup on it!

-You still sign for a few things while saying the word. "More" and "eat" are the most common.

-You noticed when there are two or three of something. You'll say "two doggies!" when you see them on walks. You seem to really love dogs.

-Your personality is really starting to come out. You're pretty feisty at times!:) If you want something, you will get it. Even if it means pushing someone out of your way. Sister gets the brunt of this and puts up with a lot! We are working on it! You are quick to say sorry. You have such a sweet heart and I think you just get frustrated when you can't get what you want. 

-You love to play with your baby dolls and can usually be found holding one. Such a sweet little momma!

-Your lovie (little blanket) and paci are your favorite things and you must have them at bedtime. You've been attached from the start! You sleep wonderfully in your bed. Laying down around 8:30pm and waking around 8:30am. You love you bed and sometimes ask if it's nap time. You'll tell us "night night" and go upstairs:)

- You favorite thing is to be sung to.  "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is your favorite song. You also love for me to sing "Baby Mine" at bedtime and will say "Baby song mommy!" One of my favorite things is rocking in your chair at night and singing to you. 

- Your favorite character is Minnie Mouse. You are obsessed with all things Minnie. You call her "mimmie" 
Love you to the moon and back sweet baby! Can't imagine our world without you in it! You and your sister are my whole world. Happy 2nd Birthday!!


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