Monday, August 15, 2011

Adalyn's Birth Story- Part 1

August 8, 2011 was a very special day for our family. Adalyn was born at 10:27 pm. She weighed 6lb 13oz and was 18in. long. Avery became a big sister and mine and Luke's heart doubled.
That morning I woke up and had a feeling it was going to be the day. I had contractions on and off the day before but nothing regular. My contractions started around 8:30 am that morning and were about 15-20 minutes apart and nothing too painful. I went about the day as usual. I knew life would be very different so I did my best to have a fun day with Avery. She wanted to go to lunch at Subway and get a prize a Target so that's what we did. While sitting in Subway I realized that my contractions were getter a little closer and more painful. I called my family after lunch and told them to head to Denton cause I thought we would have a baby at least in the next 24 hours. Avery I and went home around 1pm and cleaned house, played and packed bags. She didn't really know what was happening yet but she knew baby sister would be here soon. She was more excited that Aunt Laura, Uncle Blaine, Nini and Papa were on their way. :)
By 6pm that night I was hurting and knew we better leave soon. My contractions were 8 minutes apart and I had been told to wait till they were 5-7 minutes apart to head to the hospital. I really wanted to bathe Avery and put her to bed myself that night. She hadn't had a nap and was actually ready for bed by 7 which never ever happens. She usually goes down around 8:30-9pm. I bathed her and tucked her in bed by 7:15. I remember reading to her while breathing through contractions. It was kinda crazy but I really wanted to spend that time with her. :)
My sweet friend Tiffany came to sit at the house with Avery in bed and Luke and I rushed off to the hospital. We checked in and were in the room at 8pm. They got me all ready, started the IV and sent my labs. I was at 6cm at this point. My nurse told me I could have the epidural by 9:15 after the labs were back and Doctor was there. I figured I could tough it out till then. She said, "We'll have a baby by 3am I bet!" Something told me that it would be sooner than that! A lot of it is a blur after that. Long story short, it all went very fast after that. I started panicking and knew that she was coming fast. My nurse(who I loved) came in then to tell me the saddest news ever, the CRNA had to rush to an emergency C-section and I would have to wait another hour for the epidural. I knew then that I would never get it cause this baby was coming fast! That's when every bit of strength I ever thought I had came out. To all of you women who have had a planned natural birth, I admire you more now than ever! I had an epidural with Avery and though it started to wear off at the end, it was so much easier and peaceful. When God said He would greatly increase the pains of childbirth, He was not joking around. ;)
By 9:45 ish, I was 8cm and my water broke. At 10:27 Adalyn entered this world. I was in the worst pain of my life but as soon as she was born, It was over and I was so in love. It was a really special time. Luke was overwhelmed and in shock to say the least. It was so much different than Avery's birth and he was not prepared to see me like that. He did great and was so supportive of me. I actually left marks on his body, ha! My mom and sister were in the room as well and took great pictures and some video after she was born. It was a day I'll never forget; so blessed to have another sweet daughter and so thankful she is healthy.

Last pregnant pic
This is how I spent most of the time in labor, the death grip on the side rail. Unfortunately, the side rail was replaced with Luke's arm and even the nurse's arm at one point. :)
Adalyn's first pic!
Daddy cutting the cord
Love at first sight! Everyone had told me that somehow your heart just makes enough room for two children. To be honest, I couldn't imagine this. I couldn't imagine loving someone else like I love Avery, but the second I saw her, it happened and my heart grew.

Adalyn and Daddy. He claimed his "allergies" were acting up the whole birth :)

Dr. Cummings is the best Doctor ever!! Seriously love this guy!

Precious girl
First pic with mommy and daddy

We love you Adalyn and we are so blessed to have you in our family!!

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