Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birth Story-part 3

We got to go home on day 3! We were more than ready to get home even though everyone at the hospital was awesome and treated us so well. I totally meant to take a picture of Adalyn with all the sweet friends and family who came to see her and I completely failed! I did get all the family but not even half of the friends that came by. Thanks to everyone who came by to share this important time with us. We are blessed to have such great friends!!

Nini and her second granddaughter :)
Rocking with Papa
Aunt Laura! Adalyn will grow up to adore her just like Aves does:)
Uncle Blaine and Aunt Laura
Great-grandparents with their 3rd great-grandbaby!
My sweet Aunt Gina and cousin Justin
Uncle Josh and Aunt Alicia
Adalyn's adorable cousins, Gage and Griffin
Sweet Tiffany or "TT" as Avery sometimes calls her
The Jackson Fam, love them!
Sweet friends, the Averys'

Going Home pictures!!

How cute is she??!

Avery was thrilled when we get home!
She ran and got her favorite blanket that she calls her "night night" and said, "I want to share this with Adalyn!" This is a big deal because it's her most prized possession. She is such a sweet big sister!
Avery had to try out all the baby stuff with the "real baby" :)

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