Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life lately with baby sister...

We have been adjusting to life with two kids! It was a little overwhelming at first, but Avery has done so well and Adalyn is such a good baby so far, so we have been blessed in that way. Needless to say, there is no down time at all with a very busy 3 year old and a newborn but I love it! Here's a few pics from the last week..

All ready for her first Doctor's appt a few days after she came home. Big Sister went to stay with my parents for a few days and had a blast. It was really nice for us as well to get some rest. I had forgotten how easy just having a newborn is!
Getting examined by Dr. Adams. She checked out perfectly healthy!

Her first bath! She liked it pretty well.
She seems to like the swing and bouncy seat, although she is barely in them because I can't put her down:)

Avery adores her and has done so well as a new big sister. I'm sure some jealousy will come later but the first two weeks she has done great! She wants to share everything, show Adalyn all of her toys, play with her like she's a doll, gives a million kisses a day and constantly is decorating her with stickers.:) The first day we brought Adalyn home and Avery heard her cry for the first time, she started crying and got really upset. She thought Adalyn was hurt and it upset her. It was the sweetest thing! She has gotten used to hearing the crying now and will immediately want me to fix it. She will say, "Mom, is she poopy, does she need to burp, do you need to feed her??" She's a good little second mommy:)

Playing with baby sister in her doll crib.

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