Friday, August 5, 2011

Pregnant Belly :)

I love pregnant tummies! I always smile when I see someone pregnant. It's just a sweet sweet time. I will say, having a pregnant tummy in the hottest Texas summer EVER is not fun. Hauling this sweet girl around in 110 degrees is quite challenging! I'm sure I will miss being pregnant though. (as soon as I forgot how hot I was:) God is so creative to grow babies in their mommy's womb.
Avery loves to put stickers and give kisses to my tummy all the time for Adalyn. It's too sweet. Today I let her "paint" Adalyn. She thought this was so fun! Adalyn was squirming around the whole time as if she knew. Sweet memories!
We love you Adalyn and can't wait to meet you soon!!!
Avery also colored a picture to give her after she is born. She usually is just so active going 100 miles an hour all the time that her paintings are finished quickly with little thought because she is too "busy". She really concentrated on this picture and worked hard. She says it's a rainbow on the left and every one in our family on the right plus some trees and a sun. So precious!

Probably the last prego pic I at 39 weeks!

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Leah J. said...

Precious! I can't wait to meet you, Adalyn!!!!!