Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adalyn's Birth Story-part 2

Day two in the hospital was a good day! Luke and I enjoyed cuddling miss Adalyn all day, I'm pretty sure she never touched the crib except when the nurses put her in it. ;)
Avery came up to the hospital that morning to have the long awaited meeting of her baby sister. She was so excited. Luke and I were prepared for anything because we knew it might be a little hard or shocking for her. She did great! It still makes me cry thinking about it. She ran in with the biggest smile and gave Adalyn her gift she had picked out weeks ago.(a baby blanket like the one she has) She just stared at her and smiled. Adalyn was awake and stared back and turned her head to Avery's voice. I think she was thinking, "there's that little voice I've heard for so long!" It was a very sweet moment!

Sweet girl all clean after her bath and warming up under the warmer

Bundle of love!!
These pictures melt me......

Mommy, Daddy and baby sis got Avery a new doll and book. The first thing Avery wanted to do was read to Adalyn.

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