Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Out of the mouth of my 3 year old...

Avery cracks me up most of the day but lately she has said some funny things I don't want to forget. She is such a mess!

Avery quotes:
" Mom, what's wrong with your tummy? It looks gross, did you fall down on it or something?"
Thanks Avery, I had a baby a week ago:)

To a lady walking through Dillards, " Hi! Did you know I'm a princess and I live in a castle?"

"Does Daddy have chocolate milk in his boobies?"

"I want to call Adalyn "Adawinnie" when I want to be silly, ok?"

"Mom, you love Target right? Well, when you get bigger and just a 'wittle' smarter than you are, maybe you can work there."

I had answered some question she had with, "That's how God made it" She then asked "Who is he again? What is he? Where is he?" I answered the best I could and thought it wasn't too bad. She then responded, "Mom, I don't think you know. It's ok, I'll just ask Daddy"

She asked me in the store if these two older women she spotted with gray hair were Grandmas. I told her probably because they looked older than a mommy. She wanted to know whose Grandma they were and I explained that we didn't know them. Then as we wheeled by she shouts, "Hi old lady Grandmas!" Nice. Luckily the women were sweet. :)

" I love 'Adawyn' as big as the world mom!" - my fav :)

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Jenni said...

Oh my goodness - what a ham!