Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Doctor's appointments

The girls had doctor's appointments this week. It's really nice that their birthdays are days apart because we did Avery's 3 year and Adalyn's 2 week appt. in one visit. They both did great; Avery really loves going to the doctor! Adalyn is getting chunky fast and Avery is still just as tiny as ever. :) She talked the doctor's arm off and told her what it was like to have a baby sister, it was pretty funny.
Here are Avery's stats: Weight= 25.6 pounds 3%, Height=34.75in. 7%. Her BMI was in the 25% which was great. Thankful to have a healthy 3 year old!

Miss Adalyn is getting big:) She gained a lot of weight since her last appt and the Doctor was surprised. She checked out fine as well!
Here are her stats: Weight= 7.7 pounds 45% Height= 19.5in 45% Head circumference= 14in 70%

She hated being weighed but liked the rest of the visit

Pics of my girls at the same age. They still look alike but Adalyn is starting to look like her own little person now I think.

Adalyn (thanks Avery Kate and Allie for my super cute dress:)
Avery at two weeks. Where did the time go?? :(

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