Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy 30th Luke!

Luke turned 30 on the 25th! We had a fun family day on his birthday; celebrating a birthday is one of Avery's favorite things in the world! He opened his presents that Avery and I had picked out and we went to lunch at one of his favorite spots. Then Avery and I made him a dessert and she was very proud to show him. :) He didn't really want me to make a huge deal about his birthday but we had a little party at On the Border for dinner with some of our friends. It was a lot of fun! One of our friends hired a lady to come sing and embarrass him at the restaurant. She dressed as a fairy princess and sang a song about Luke. The whole restaurant watched and laughed. It worked, he was embarrassed and we all had a good laugh! He is SO hard to ever embarrass so it was fun. :) Happy Birthday to the best Husband and the best Daddy our little girls could ask for! We love you!

Daddy with his girl and birthday dessert. And yes, she is dressed as some princess 90% of the time :)

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April Jackson said...

So glad we could make it to Luke's dinner at On the Border. The fairy was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Really glad it wasn't for me though!! I guess some of us turn 30 next so he has plently of time to pay it back!